N38 3X2mm
N38 3X2mm
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N38 3X2mm

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  • Condition: Brand new
    Shape: Disc
    Size: 3x2mm
    Tolerance: +-0.1mm
    Material: Neodymium magnets
    Certification:RoHS passed
    Grade: N38
    BR:14000-14500 GAUSS

    Hcj 11 KOe

    Hcb10.5 KOe

    BHmax: 48-51 MGOe

    Magnetization: Axially magnetized / Poles on Flat Ends


    Max Operating Temperature: 80C/176F
    Plating: nickel-copper nickel triple layer plated
    Weight: 0.1g
    Volume: 50mm3
    Magnetic pull force: ca. 0.1kg

    Caution: strong magnets are brittle; strong magnet could pinch your fingers badly; if you allow two magnets attract together, it may crack and the chips could hurt your eyes

    (The pull force was tested at 20 Celsius degree, on a polished iron plate with a thickness of 20 mm. The magnet was deducted vertically. A difference of up to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases.)

If your item is custom magnetized by one of our staff members, Please be mindful and allow us at least 3 to 5 business days for magnetization, this process will depend on the size of the cube. 3x3 usually take less time than normally would take to magnetized a big cube. Item may get ship sooner.
FREE cube stands will be add it to each orders
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