MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC
MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC
MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC
MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC
MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC
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MoYu Meilong MFJS MF8 8x8 MAGNETIC

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100% brand new and high quality.

Mini size gives you comfortable hand feeling, could hold it with one hand, your hand would not be tired when playing for a long time
Thickening the outer layer design, not easy to get rid of
Restore smoothly, professional magic cube structure design, smooth rotation
The internal elastic force can be adjusted, and you can freely grasp the tightness to meet your own needs.
The internal structure uses high-quality ABS powder, without adding any toner, to ensure that hand feeling of the magic cube when turning
Use Australian high-quality stickers, bright color, thin thickness, strong viscosity, long-term use, not easy to fall off

Color: Black / Stickerless
Material: ABS
Product Size: 6.9*6.9*6.9cm
Product Weight: 220g
Package Dimensions: 8.9*8.9*8.9cm

If your item is custom magnetized by one of our staff members, Please be mindful and allow us at least 3 to 5 business days for magnetization, this process will depend on the size of the cube. 3x3 usually take less time than normally would take to magnetized a big cube. Item may get ship sooner.
FREE cube stands will be add it to each orders

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