Moyu Aosu Gts2 4×4
Moyu Aosu Gts2 4×4
Moyu Aosu Gts2 4×4
Moyu Aosu Gts2 4×4
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Moyu Aosu Gts2 4×4

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The classic returns, aiming for more achievements, and is fully upgraded.
On the basis of Aosu 4×4 MAGNETIC, the structure is upgraded greatly. In particular, the soft feeling of MOYU AOSU GTS2 4×4 MAGNETIC is overcome. Many details are optimized as well. This 4×4 MAGNETIC will be more suitable for competitions!
Optimized contact surfaces, clean, and anti-sticky. Fully optimized anti-sticky slots on the contact surfaces, which can reduce distinction efficiently and bring a lighter feeling. This improvement can keep the original feeling after long-time practice!
Smaller size with magnets, but more controllable. The 61mm size is smaller than the common 62mm size. Having magnets will be more controllable and help you to be much faster. The concave inner round feet design for corners allows excellent corner-cutting and magnets keep the cube shape, which makes this cube more stable and desirable. Magnetic cube Impressive anti-pop performance. Widened small internal edges and new-added anti-pop cross-footed design for the big internal edges. The doubled internal feet match the edges, which improves the overall anti-pop performance. Impressive anti-corner twist performance. The double-footed corners can be tightly combined with the edges, so the corner twisting can be prevented as well as the magnets.

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