rlcubeshop was created to focus and understand our customer’s needs in this modem cubing world. We specialized in hand magnetized Rubik’s Cube to customers’ desires.
We are trying to make business in a different approach, the way it works it's kind of different but it’ll make more sense at the end of the day, because not every magnetized cube in the market works the same way with everyone, and that’s where we coming in place.
You get to choose the cube you like and the strength of the magnet you love. The customer will have the opportunity to interact with us and provide feedback on how we should proceed to magnetized their products.
We are located in the beautiful Fleetwood Pennsylvania. Like a Rubik’s cube solver, I noticed that companies often build greats non-magnetized cubes with such great potential and so much room to grow.
Then I began to magnetized Rubik’s cube for the fun of it. One thing lead to another I was magnetizing cubes to sell them on eBay, and with great success, they were sold in less than a week, then a light bulb light up.
rlcubeshop was created. Then I made my own website with the intention of growing the business a little and make something positive with my free time.
Our vision is to take a product well built with great material and create new boundaries with it, and make it even better with custom magnets.
Our Cubes are carefully hand magnetized using super-strong Neodymium disc magnet nicuniplated. Our service’s quite simple you choose the cube you love and the strength of the magnet you like, we’ll do the rest.
We carefully hand magnetized Rubik’s cube by measuring the thickness of the wings or the edges of the cube to make sure which magnets will work best with it. it’s a very delicate and precise process that only a few have the pleasure to do and enjoy at the same time, we love what we do, and the satisfaction is delivered on every single work we finished.
We are professionals, reliable and we take our duty very seriously. if you happen to come across whit any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Saving the world one cube at a time!!!!

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