GANCUBE Inc. was founded in 2014 by Mr. Jiang Ganyuan, who was the first NR holder of SpeedCubing in China. The company's business spreads from research to development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and promotion, all are about cubing. The company holds many patents and techniques on speedcubes. Since we are already in a speedcubing era. As the World-Famous speed cube brand, GANCUBE, with breakthrough innovative designs, including smart cubes, Magnetic cubes, Light-Weighted, twisty puzzles, cube robots, and other products. We have flagship products like GAN 356 X S, GAN 356 X, GAN 356 Air S M, GAN 356 Air Pro. With an original design and powerful performance, GANCUBE is recognized as the "Apple inc." among the Cube companies.

GAN (20)

Gan Cube Stand


Gan12 M Maglev Frosted...


Gan 251 Leap Magnetic


Gan 11 M Pro...


Gan 11 M Pro...


Gan 354 M V2...


Monster Go Skewb


Gan Smart Timer Bluetooth


Gan Pyraminx M Explorer


Gan Pyraminx M Enhanced


Gan Skewb M Enhanced...


Gan Skewb M Standard...


Gan330 Keychain Mini Cube


MonsterGo 3x3 Traditional


MonsterGo 3x3 Rainbow


MonsterGo 3x3 Ut


MonsterGo 3x3 Pink


MonsterGo 3x3 Cloud Blue


MonsterGo 3x3 Magnetic


Gan 356 rs 3x3...

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